A downloadable Cozmoz

Cozmoz: Planetry Control is a refreshingly old-school style RPG text-based game. It plays like a strategy RPG game where you take control of an entire space colonisation, then at intervals switches over to story format as you battle ferocious giant beetles and spiders. Your desitions change the course of story dramaticly. Enjoy!

View this game on gamejolt.com here.

Our website is here.

Install instructions

To download, just run the .py file.

If an error comes up on the screen, it means you have not downloaded python on your computer. Click here.

You need to scroll down and click on the link appropiate for your computer Operating System.

If you need help on this then... if you are using an apple computer click macOs 64bit/32 bit installer

If you are using a windows computer click on windows x86 executable installer.


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