A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Celmoornia!

Celmoornia is a work-in-progress RPG game made in unity and c#!
Celmoornia is slowly being taken over by an evil scientist and you must save it from destruction!

We also have a page in itch: chillitech.itch.io/celmoornia

Also once a week, we aim to add another work-in-progress version, for you to give feedback!

Here is a bit more detail on the backstory of the game:
The story is set in Medieval times.
Johnny lived in a castle. He was born there and was the next in line to the throne. Then, when the king got too old to reign, and Johnny was supposed the be the king, he refused to be king himself as it was too much responsibility.
Because of that, he was put into exile. The king carried on being king after that but then turned evil.
When he turned evil, he ordered a scientist to make Johnny collect some potions. You are Johnny


Walk ForwardShift + W
Run ForwardW
Turn LeftA
Turn backwardsS
Turn RightD
Zoom inMouse Scroll Wheel
Change camera posP/ Alt
InventoryClick the button


Music: Kim Lightyear - Main Song, Eliot Corley - Menu Song
Images: Écrivain - Menu background image.

Install instructions

Right-Click on the .zip file it downloads, then click 'Extract'

Wait for it to load, then Double-click on the Celmoornia.exe file you will see. It will come up with a few options, like window size. Remember to tick 'Windowed', lower the quality to make it run faster, then click 'Play' 


Celmoornia2.zip 45 MB

Development log


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Honestly, this game is as choppy as your grammar. It needs more content, and also, it seems that the only controls are just movement.

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Ah, yes, that might be because you need to lower down the quality when you run it.

Thanks for the feedback -- I have updated the install instructions :)

Constructive criticism can go a long way