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Hasmon is totally unique.

It plays like a Survival game with a massive RPG focus. You can do so many things - Work as a Archaeologist, finding hidden gold and money, and buying food from it, be a Wilderness Survivor, eating off the land, an Explorer, discovering hidden secrets, a Indiana Jones type person, exploring ancient ruins, and even a hero.

Hasmon is also on gamejolt.com and was created using Unity and Blender


  • Day/Night cycle               
  • 2 Passive Mobs
  • 2  Hostile Mobs
  • RPG quest
  • NPC characters
  • MASSIVE dungeons                                     

What are you waiting for? Download today!


W:  Forward

A : Left

S: Backwards


Shift: Walk(When pressing arrow keys)


I:Open Inventory

E:Close Inventory

Collide:Interact with other objects

Install instructions

Right-Click on the .zip file it downloads, then click 'Extract'

Wait for it to load, then Double-click on the Hasmon.exe file you will see. It will come up with a few options, like window size. Remember to tick 'Windowed', then click 'Play' 

*Note: The download contains a user manual that you can read*


x86HasmonV2.zip 63 MB

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