This game was made in 3 days for the Wowie game jam- the theme was 'Everything interacts with Everything'

*This is only a demo version. Do you want us to complete it? Tell us in the comments, and we will*

Welcome back to a brand new text adventure/visual novel game from ChilliTech! In this game, you play as a man who has forgotten ALL of his memories due to reasons that you need to discover - you will struggle in a harsh and unpredictable world. Imagine secret plots, homelessness and problems.

Everything he does helps create his new life - this means EVERY interaction you have with EVERY character INTERACTS with the game. In addition, many INTERACTIONS you have with objects and situations interact with the game.

You only need the mouse to play, and it is playable on mobile tablets. It was made using Twine, and we had to learn how to use it by making the game.

So what are you waiting for? Play now.

Install instructions

Just download the game and double click on the Main.html file!


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